As you now know, I’m Josh.

I’m just a guy trying to do the most good I can with the gifts I’ve been given.

Over the next few years, I’ll be living my life based on the quote of:

“Have diverse experiences. You never know which will be useful…in hindsight, they all are.”

This website will be a platform where I document the fears I’m facing, the lessons I’m learning, and the random thoughts and ideas I might have. One of my biggest fears is sharing my work, so this website is a step in that direction. I write about the things that intrigue me: Productivity, Fitness, Nutrition, Marketing, Psychology, Goals, Enjoyment, Adventure, Experiments, Success, Failure, and Food.

I love food.

I graduated from the University of Montana with a Degree in Exercise Science. During my Junior and Senior year I became intrigued with Digital Marketing and took multiple classes from professor Mario Schulzke. I’m currently managing the day-to-day operations of (Mario’s website), doing some marketing for Big Sky Breakout here in Missoula, have a few Nutrition Coaching clients, and am loving my favorite “job” of helping and caretaking for my good buddy Dylan, an incredible young man who happens to have Friedreich’s Ataxia.

I’ve also been persistently working on my passion project of It’s been the most frustrating endeavor I’ve ever attempted, and I’ve almost given up on the concept about 15 different times. But I won’t give up on it. I can’t give up on it.

Also, I want to be clear that this website is not directed at giving advice to you, the reader. That’s not my place. I want my writing and audio recordings to document the lessons I’ve learned and hopefully help me fully embrace them. If you happen to find these lessons insightful, applicable, or beneficial to your life, that’s an added bonus. I also want my work to be questioned. The more I learn, the more I’ve learned how much I don’t know. If you have a different opinion, thought process, or insight into something I’ve written, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I’m always interested in being shown a different perspective and am very much open to the idea that I am probably wrong on many things.

As an overarching theme, I am interesting in the question: “How can I best use my gifts to do the most good and help the most people while becoming the best person I can be?”


It’s a question I’ll never fully answer, but will hopefully provide a beneficial lens to look at life through.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. You are the best.