Genetics vs Habits

This is a two-part article. Read both parts before passing judgement.


Genetics affect us to an incredible degree.  Each day we wake up and our genetics are still there, subtly affecting almost every aspect of our lives.

Some people have incredible genetics.  Others may not.

Having great genetics correlates highly with success no matter what path you take.  Genetics can control your success.

Some of the differences in genetics from one person to another might be so miniscule, they might seem so small.  But lo and behold, in 10 years the person with better genetics will be extremely “successful” in their endeavors, while the other is not.

Why do such small changes in genetics affect our lives so much?

Over time, these small differences in genetics will continue to add up, resulting in extremely large changes within our lives.

One of the first steps towards realizing your potential for success is taking a step back and looking at your genetics and how they are either working for you or working against you.

You are where you are because of your genetics.  They completely shape who you become, not only physically, but mentally as well.

  • Your genetics have made you unsuccessful.
  • Your genetics have made you unhealthy and overweight
  • Your genetics have influenced your income.

Anyone who thinks that their success can be built without factoring in their genetics is completely mistaken.

As you can probably guess, our genetics are greatly influenced by our parents.  This is why many overweight parents will have children who become overweight… their genetics are passed on!

I recently had a discussion with a very overweight individual who mentioned that she was only overweight because of the bad genetics her parents had given her.  While I don’t fully believe in passing blame on to others… I couldn’t help but think what her health would be like now if her parents had passed on better genetics.  This is incredibly unfortunate.

So, given that genetics are important in all aspects of life, what would you be willing to do to change your genetics to give you more opportunity to succeed?

I invite you to now read the article below.  But be prepared…. This could be quite interesting.

Habits affect us to an incredible degree.  Each day we wake up and our habits are still there, subtly affecting almost every aspect of our lives.

Some people have incredible habits.  Others may not.

Having great habits correlates highly with success no matter what path you take.  Habits can control your success.

Some of the differences in habits from one person to another might be so minuscule, they might seem so small.  But lo and behold, in 10 years the person with better habits will be extremely successful in their endeavors, while the other is not.

Why do such small changes in habits affect our lives so much?

Over time, these small differences in habits will continue to add up, resulting in extremely large changes within our lives.

One of the first steps towards realizing your potential for success is taking a step back and looking at your habits and how they are either working for you or working against you.

You are where you are because of your habits.  They completely shape who you become, not only physically, but mentally as well.

  • Your habits have made you unsuccessful.
  • Your habits have made you unhealthy and overweight.
  • Your habits have influenced your income.

Anyone who thinks that their success can be built without factoring in their habits is completely mistaken.

As you can probably guess, our habits are greatly influenced by our parents.  This is why many overweight parents will have children who become overweight… their habits are passed on!

I recently had a discussion with a very overweight individual who mentioned that she was only overweight because of the bad habits her parents had given her.  While I don’t fully believe in passing blame on to others… I couldn’t help but think what her health would be like now if her parents had passed on better habits.  This is incredibly unfortunate.

So, given that habits are important in all aspects of life, what would you be willing to do to change your habits to give you more opportunity to succeed?

As you might have noticed, the two articles are nearly identical. The only difference is exchanging the word genetics for habits.

It’s a simple yet life-changing switch on perspective. It’s easy to blame genetics because we can’t control them, and if we can’t control them then our life circumstances obviously aren’t our fault, right? This is an easy but dangerous perspective to fall into, and is often called the Victim Mindset.

While genetics do play an incredibly important role in who we become, they are not the end-all-be-all.

Your habits have a far greater influence on the course of your life. The beauty of this?  You CAN alter your habits… and your habits can alter your life.

Shifting my mindset towards positively altering habits rather than blaming genetics has been one of the most beneficial perspective shifts I’ve had. It’s also been incredibly empowering, as I now have the perspective of control over how my life will turn out.

I control my fate. That’s powerful.

If you want to really dive into the realm of creating positive habits, I suggest you check out James Clear. His insight is incredible.

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