Goodbye, Subaru

You were wonderful. 

We spent many years together and had numerous incredible experiences. One such experience was when we road tripped through California for nearly two months, and you provided me with many good nights of sleep. You’ve been my transportation, my bed, and my home. I appreciate your willingness to help me out.

My Desk and Workspace setup while living out of my car in California

You climbed mountains with me. 
You carried out big game animals.
You kept me safe on ridiculously sketchy roads.
You nimbly avoided deer and elk with ease.
You were my mobile office.
You provided a comfortable spot to take many naps.
You brought me so much joy.

But yeah, we had our issues. You broke down once. Okay…maybe more than once. But shit happens. Don’t worry about it. We made it through the hard times and came out stronger.

People told me I should get rid of you. They told me you weren’t good for me. I decided they were wrong, and I’m glad I did.

But sometimes things happen that you can’t control.

In the early morning hours of December 10th, 2017, a vehicle was stolen. That stolen vehicle led Missoula police on a pursuit through the town. I am not quite sure how long the chase lasted, but it ended with the stolen vehicle T-boning you as you sat there, parked so peacefully on 6th street. The vehicle went off-road and sped through Sacajawea City Park. It managed to maneuver its way around multiple trees before directly impacting your right rear door panel. You stopped it dead in its tracks, and the police officers were able to apprehend the man shortly thereafter. 

The house to your left was directly in the path of the rogue vehicle and would have likely been hit. But you stopped it. You protected it.

One of the officers said: “This car was kind of a Hero.”

I agree.

It’s only appropriate that you were taken from me in such a heroic manner. You sacrificed yourself for others even in your final moments. You protected the house… and the people in it. You were a selfless Sube. Thank you for everything.

Rest in Peace My Friend.

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